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24 : A childhood game taken to the next level

Remember that math game 24 from middle school? It's the one where you are given 4 numbers and you have to do basic math operations (+,-,*,/) to make the 4 numbers equal 24. For example, if I had the numbers 2,3,4,5 I could get to 24 by doing 2*(5+4+3) or maybe by doing 4*(5+3-2). You get the idea.

So the game itself is pretty simple and for some reason I find myself playing it with the numbers on a clock or credit card or something else when I am bored. And I was finding that it was normally pretty easy to find a solution given any set of numbers. That made me start to ask a couple of questions.

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Just what is 314??

314 ImageAlright so if you know me well enough you know that I am obsessed with the number 314. I have been asked countless times what the significance of this number is but unfortunately, the answer is not as simple as the question. If you know this about me, then you probably also know that I am a math person. Although the number 314 has some mathematical significance, that is not how I discovered the number.

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