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How To Quickly Defrost Frozen French Fries

Seeing as hot dogs are my favorite food, I often like to indulge with some french fries on the side. However, also seeing as how I'm cheap, I buy the frozen ones and reseal them and put them back in the freezer when I'm done. Anyone else who has done this knows that every time you go to make fries you get some frozen mess that looks something like this:

Frozen French Fries

Now what am I supposed to do with that? For decades I had struggled with this and ended up with soggy fries, until one day I thought of it. Here are the steps that will save your life one day (don't ask me how).

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Welcome Back

So if you are one of the 30 people that visited my site last year, you will notice the new design. I'm going for something a little simpler and plan to actually update this site occasionally now. In fact, I'm so committed that I deleted all of my previous blog posts (except for my most popular one of course). Check back, subscribe, and definitely tell me how much you love the site in the comments.

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