I love working on new projects. One of the best parts about doing so is getting to experiment and try out new technologies. I hardly, if ever, take on a new project without trying to expand my library of software products used. Whenever I create something and put it up on my site, I make sure to tag it with the technology I used. This page is a list of the 2 projects I have completed with the following technology: Google App Engine

How to get RSS or XML output from the Twitter API

Short answer: you can't. Well, I should say you couldn't!

I recently discovered that Twitter was no longer offering XML as a response format for their API calls. No big deal, XML is clunky, verbose, and I hate every XML library that was ever written. I was ready to move on until a few days later I realized that IFTTT had also pulled Twitter as an input source for recipes. However, RSS was still there; this made the lack of an XML/RSS option from the Twitter folks slightly annoying now.

So I decided I would make one. Normally I would save an idea like this for a hackathon or something but in this case I had a couple recipes I wanted to make ASAP so I figured let's give it a shot.

The service is called Tweet-2-RSS and is powered by Google App Engine. Source code is of course provided on GitHub.

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SF API Hack Day - Hacking Email Inboxes

I attended San Francisco API Hack Day last weekend and had an awesome time. There were some really cool ideas thrown around and I didn't get mugged taking the bus home at 10 PM so it was a great day.

I ended up teaming up with Crystal Rose (@crystalrose) and we made an email hack that I think is pretty cool, so I thought I'd share the idea here. We called it "Hack my Email" (which we named with about 15 minutes to go in the competition) and the idea is to open source email filtering and prioritization before it gets to your inbox. Here we are presenting:


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