I love working on new projects. One of the best parts about doing so is getting to experiment and try out new technologies. I hardly, if ever, take on a new project without trying to expand my library of software products used. Whenever I create something and put it up on my site, I make sure to tag it with the technology I used. This page is a list of the 2 projects I have completed with the following technology: IFTTT

How to make a simple (and possibly very annoying) marketing campaign based off of Twitter

Ingredients you will need:

  1. Twitter Account
  2. IFTTT
  3. Tweet-2-RSS

So, you just wrote some cool new software or made a fancy new gizmo. You want to publicize it but come on, you don't know marketing, you're an engineer! Here is a simple and annoying recipe to get your product out there.

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How to get RSS or XML output from the Twitter API

Short answer: you can't. Well, I should say you couldn't!

I recently discovered that Twitter was no longer offering XML as a response format for their API calls. No big deal, XML is clunky, verbose, and I hate every XML library that was ever written. I was ready to move on until a few days later I realized that IFTTT had also pulled Twitter as an input source for recipes. However, RSS was still there; this made the lack of an XML/RSS option from the Twitter folks slightly annoying now.

So I decided I would make one. Normally I would save an idea like this for a hackathon or something but in this case I had a couple recipes I wanted to make ASAP so I figured let's give it a shot.

The service is called Tweet-2-RSS and is powered by Google App Engine. Source code is of course provided on GitHub.

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